Winter in Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate

Inspired by Craft and Travel’s blog on daytripping to Dreamland in Winter we thought we’d share some of our favourite pics and must-do’s for the chilly season! Make sure you check out her blog all about visiting the park in the winter here….Okay, onto some other suggestions….

Craft and Travel- Visit to Dreamland in Winter

Walking We love to see our beaches busy in the height of summer but who can say no to a whole beach to yourself in the winter? Wrap up warm and enjoy some invigorating sea air! We have 15 beaches & bays to choose from, each with its own distinct coastal features and charm but for the largest variety, head to Broadstairs where you’ll have 7 to choose from. You could also try any of the ActiveRamsgate series of walks trails or energetic coastal activities or if you’re feeling adventurous opt for cycling or walking the circular 32 mile Viking Coastal Trail, (or break it up into smaller parts!) it has some of the best coastal views around.

Thanet Drinks-Cafes-5
Viking Bay, Broadstairs

Food We’re just going to be honest here and say eating is our number 1 thing to do! We’ve got stacks of award-winning restaurants, cafes, micropubs dotted around our towns and villages. Some say we have the highest concentration of micropubs in the country and these cosy little places are perfect for winter! If you’re visiting Margate this winter, check out megofmargate’s winter foodie suggestions here. Also read Betty Magazine’s blog here for more food,  indie shopping and things to do in winter.

Cheesy Tiger 2
Cheesy Tiger, Margate Harbour Arm from Meg of Margate’s Blog.

Sunsets For some reason, we’re certain these are at their best during winter! We have no scientific explanation for these, but there probably is one (?!) If you can’t get enough of ’em view our dedicated sunset blog post here. For viewing tips, try anywhere towards Margate or Birchington and remember that a cloudy day does not always mean a lack of a beautiful sunset.

Margate Harbour Arm Sunset 3
Sunset, Margate

Indoor Attractions If you’re feeling less than brave about the seaside this time of year, head to one of our covered attractions. Explore the UK’s largest network of civilian wartime tunnels, try to uncover the mystery of the cavernous Shell Grotto or try one of three Escape Rooms! All this and more waiting to shield your from whatever the weather may be! See all of our attractions here.

Ramsgate Tunnels


Outdoor Adventures If you’re okay whatever the weather, our Coastal Explorers bags are perfect! These expedition-style bags are crammed full of equipment and activities to use to really explore our beaches. Fishing nets, marine identification charts, collecting pots and 12 activities will keep you busy….just wrap up warm! for more info on these exciting bags, click here. 

Bag image
Coastal Explorers

Hopefully that’ll keep you going until summer shows! Let us know what you like to do in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate in winter on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

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