Christmas Events in Thanet (part 2!)

img_1488Another day, another blog post about the fantastic events we’re lucky enough to have here in Thanet this festive season…..

We’ve just come back from a very exciting trip to Quex Park for ‘The Spirit of Christmas.’ This family-friendly event includes a real ice skating rink, (the only one in Thanet!) a small selection of stalls and refreshments and a fantastic ‘Elf Express’ ride that takes you to the magical Elf Tower to meet Father Christmas himself!

Here is what we thought…..

First up, we took a ride of the Elf Express and was greeted by a really fun elf named Spruce who likes syrup on his spaghetti. (Ew!) On the way to the tower he told us all about the three Elf rules and we even sung a Christmas song which the kids loved! Here were the rules we learnt:

  1. Treat everyday like Christmas
  2. A tidy elf is a good Elf
  3. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all the hear 


After taking a trip through the beautiful leafy grounds of Quex Park, we arrived at the tower and were greeted by two more fantastic elves- Snaps and Stax who guided us through the elf rules to make sure we were good enough to pass our elf exams! We climbed all the way to the top of the tower to meet Father Christmas and every child got an ‘Elf School’ Certificate and a present to unwrap!


After hopping back on the Elf Express we had a go at ice skating which was tricky at first but once we got the hang of it, it was really great fun. The kids were able to use a little penguin to hold onto and skate around the ice. One thing that was particularly impressive was the special strap-on skates for really tiny people that allowed them to be able to shuffle along the ice without the need for balancing.


All the characters and general staff are extremely professional, especially the elves which did an amazing job of entertaining everyone, particularly the children. The decor is very festive with real trees all over the place and the tower itself looks particularly magical.


What a morning we had! There is also the opportunity for kids to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with Santa too. The Spirit of Christmas is on until 2nd January, for more information and to book click here.  Make sure you don’t miss it!

We are so lucky to have a range of festive fun at the seaside this December & beyond. Why not check out our previous blog post all about ‘The Frosted Fairground’ at Dreamland, and here you’ll find a whole list of Christmas events in Thanet, including when you can see Father Christmas in Broadstairs and how long the Ramsgate Illuminations will be on for. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CoastalChristmas on social media if you’re out enjoying anything festive in Thanet this winter….we’d love to see your pics!

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