Our visit to Screamland at Dreamland, Margate


We were lucky enough to be asked to preview the multi award-winning Screamland this year! Although this was not our first time delving into the mazes, (we went last year) we were still filled with apprehension and fright!

With the team a little bit lighter than last time, (some were too scared!) we set off to the park and the tension started building as a wave of creepy characters appeared out of nowhere and meandered through the nervous participants.

Our first maze was ‘The Paradise Foundation’ – A brand new scare experience for 2016. This was the one we were most anxious about because the promo images for this maze are so frightful. If you don’t like gore you’ll definitely be screaming, there’s some realistic blood and guts strewn around all over the place in this one!

Secondly, we went into ‘Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse’ which had been updated from last year. This one definitely nails the funhouse theme. Uneven floors and small spaces make it more fun to try and escape and there’s some pretty unusual sights to see including a particularly horrible ending which we won’t spoil for you, but it does involve quite a few clowns (eek!) The bearded lady was great fun and she claimed to have the softest lips in the freakshow, something one of our team was very close to experiencing himself! There was a small stampede in this experience as those of the group who claimed to be brave before we entered were trying to scurry away from a rogue clown…we think they might have underestimated the scare factor of this one!


The third and fourth experiences were some old favourites from last year- ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘Dead and Breakfast.’ The Final Cut sees you pass through the silver screen into an alien adventure and the ‘passing through’ part was particularly scary as it was a very confined space, we won’t tell you anymore but it was certainly a relief to get to the other side! This experience also features an element of extreme darkness which meant that we clung onto each other intently.  After running away from the aliens, (literally running!) we we were relieved to reach the end of the maze and our voices were husky from all the screaming. Great fun!

Dead and Breakfast was probably our overall favourite as a group. There’s a range of multi-faceted scares in this one and it’s really well-designed. Fag Ash Lil is an entertaining character and we loved her hilarious insults to the group. The group dynamic in this one was fun because we were all crammed in the lift wondering where we would end up next!

There were two experiences we didn’t get to try on our preview- ‘The Bloody Mirror’ and ‘The Storyteller’ but we did meet both characters. Bloody Mary was probably the character that unnerved us the most with her white eyes and murderous tentacle-like hands, so we can imagine her scare maze will be particularly frightful. On the subject of characters, watch out for The Tinman too- or at least we thought he was a tin man. (either that or he was just wearing a very snazzy chrome disco outfit!) Not the kind of character you’d expect to scare you close to death, but there was something about his fixed gaze and listlessness that gave us the creeps.

Bloody Mary

Are you planning to attend this year? We had so much fun and think all of the above plus amazing atmospheric lighting and unlimited use of the rides is going to make Screamland 2016 THE place to be! For event dates, FAQS and to buy tickets, check out: www.dreamland.co.uk/screamland If you’re coming as family you might want to check out Dreamland’s Half Term  Halloween events here

But it doesn’t end with Screamland! There’s a whole range of Halloween events for everyone in Thanet this year. If you’re into extreme scares, you could try one of the new experiences at either Quex Park or the Westgate Pavillion, and there’s also some tamer options for families, children and the slightly less adventurous types! Click here to see whats on.

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